Beginner Muay Thai Class

Here are some tips to help prepare you for your first class and what to expect:

  • Arrive on time. Classes will start at the scheduled time. Please give yourself enough time to prepare (wrap your hands, get dressed, ask any questions, etc.) and be ready to start on time.
  • Dress comfortable. There will be lots of movement so do not wear any restrictive clothing.
  • This is a barefoot class. No shoes or socks on the mats.
  • Bring water. You will need to stay hydrated and there will be quick water breaks in between instruction.
  • Bring a gym towl. Be prepared to sweat!
  • Hand wraps and gloves are recommended. Hand wraps can be purchsed before class for $10 and courtesy gloves are provided for the first few classes. It is recommeded that you purchase your own set of gloves if you choose to continue with the program.
  • No perfume or cologne. Please do not wear frangrances to class. (Deodorant and antiperspirants are ok)
  • Pay attention in class. Please be respectful of your peers and instructor when they are explaining or demonstrating a technique. Talking or whispering can be distracting to others around you.
  • Ask questions! Instructors are available to help with any concerns you have but please wait for appropriate times to ask



Address: Unit #9 - 12491 No. 2 Road,
Richmond BC, V7E 2G3
Phone: + 1 (604) 341 4288

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