“I’m hooked! Great place to sweat it out. Never thought I’d be excited to get up at 6 am to workout!”

- Susan B.

“I have been training with a personal fitness trainer for over 15 years and found myself looking for a new trainer when my previous trainer moved on to a new profession. My previous trainer was beyond excellent and it was a day of panic when I realized that I would no longer have his services. While online I came across Russel Sean Fitness in Richmond and being that I had never participated in boot camps I thought I would take a chance. Best decision I could have made. My fitness level is back to where it was previously with my past trainer. I am truly enjoying the socialization I am getting being with 15 other people all working towards a healthy lifestyle. If you want to work towards the best you can be, meet some great people and have a world class trainer you have to give Russel Sean Fitness a try.”

- Michael F.

“If you’re considering joining, don’t just think about it- do it. I started bootcamping with Russel almost 5 years ago and I am so glad I did. He saved me from a sedentary life, increased my energy, enabled me to keep being a passionate foodie and even helped me lower my medical insurance premiums ( true story)! Is there anything you can’t do Russel? Haha. I love this young entrepreneur who has changed so many lives for the better. Will you be next?”

- Lynn B.

“One week in and I’m feeling 6 years of lethargy get its Ass kicked out of my life. Russel and his team are great but it’s the group dynamic that makes this place rock.”

- Peter G.

“I was so scared to come to a class like this because I didn’t want to be the worst, I didn’t want to feel intimidated, I didn’t think I was strong or fit enough. I couldn’t hardly do a plank and was curling almost the lightest weights possible. I quickly learned that everyone starts somewhere, and Russel has inspired me to become the strongest I can be. Now, almost 6 months later I’m so much stronger and feeling much more confident. Best “facing my fears” decision I’ve made in a long time.”

- Grace R.

"I have had gym memberships for 20 years, but have never enjoyed working out. I had to force myself to go to the gym – mentally and physically. When the last gym I attended closed last summer and I was working full time with two young kids, fitness became my lowest priority. When I signed up to attend in May, I was definitely at a low point and knew that I needed to get back to a better place. I am so glad that I found your gym and classes because I actually look forward to them. It is the opposite of everything I have ever experienced with working out in the past because it is fun, diverse and always a challenge. Thank you for creating a place that is so supportive.”

- Anna R.

“Every class is different and I’m learning new things all the time. I am pushed to my absolute limit in every bootcamp and find myself wanting to go back for more. I am stronger and feel great. There’s no frills, just pure sweat!”

- Anne T.


Address: Unit #9 - 12491 No. 2 Road,
Richmond BC, V7E 2G3
Phone: + 1 (604) 341 4288

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