The corner stone beliefs at RSF are pretty simple; results, support, community. These are the foundations that we have built our company on. First and foremost, you need RESULTS, at the end of the day, that is why you are here and that is why we are here for you – to get you from point A to point B. In order to get you those results, we will do whatever it takes, and SUPPORT you all the way. RSF is a family, and it is a COMMUNITY. Most of us live amongst each other, and you may not even know your neighbour until you see them training at RSF. Automatically you are connected, you have something in common; a bond.

Our Training Values

1. Movement / Foundation

2. Goal Setting

3. Educate / Empower

Teaching and reinforcing proper movement mechanics is the central focal point of our training philosophy. We improve athleticism not by drilling members into the ground with exercises to merely cause fatigue, but by drilling proper movement first.

“Building strength on faulty movement is just putting strength on dysfunction.” Not only does equipping members with the knowledge and tools to move well prior to adding strength and power reduce injury risk, it also increases total potential power output.

Without a goal, you are aimlessly walking in the direction of “success” without knowing what sucess looks like. Each persons “success” is different and may mean something else, but you need to know what yours is in order to achieve it and to celebrate steps in the right direction.

At RSF we believe that educating our members makes them smarter, and more likely to achieve the goals they have set out in front of them. We wouldn’t be making people much better if we tell them what to do, but don’t tell them WHY we are doing it. We try empower our members with knowledge so they understand what they are training for. This keeps them wanting more. We want our members to feel comfortable to walk into any gym and know they can workout confidently.At the end of the day, we believe that anyone can make someone tired – at RSF, our goal is to make you BETTER.


Address: Unit #9 - 12491 No. 2 Road,
Richmond BC, V7E 2G3
Phone: + 1 (604) 341 4288

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