The Young Warriors Program

RSF Young Warriors are not always the fastest or the strongest. Strength and speed can be developed through training. As an RSF Young Warrior, you are different, you’re not better than anyone, but you are different, and you’re not going to be held to the normal standards other athletes are going to be held to, because you want to be extraordinary, you’ve got to be held to extraordinary standards.


At the heart of the RSF Young Warrior program lie two fundamental goals: the physical goal of building stronger, healthier and faster athletes; and the mental goal of instilling discipline, dedication and focus in our youngsters. By preaching the importance of both proper mechanics as well as team concepts, the aim of our program is to focus on both the physical and mental side of training and sport. Teaching and reinforcing proper movement mechanics is the central focal point of our training philosophy. We improve athleticism not by drilling athletes into the ground with exercises to merely tire them, but by drilling proper movement first. Building strength on faulty movement is just putting strength on dysfunction. Not only does equipping athletes with the knowledge and tools to move well prior to adding strength and power reduce injury risk, it also increases total potential power output. At an age when movement habits are being formed, it is imperative to lay a strong foundation for future success – the RSF Young Warrior program serves to build that foundation.


As New York Yankees hall of famer, Yogi Berra once famously said: “half the game is ninety-five percent mental”. Merely focusing on the physical aspect of athletic development would be incomplete – we want to teach athletes how to also tap into the mental side of sport. By emphasizing the importance of teamwork, accountability and discipline, we teach young athletes how to approach each practice, shift and game. We stress the importance of development at both the individual and team levels, believing that teams are at their best only when everyone is on the same page, buying into the same philosophies and working toward a common goal. By helping young athletes develop better focus and teamwork, we strengthen the team dynamic and culture. At RSF we aim to incorporate all of our objectives into our drills, games and activities. Anyone can make an athlete tired – we aim to make them better. By carefully creating an atmosphere of both competition and support, our aim is to instil a sense of belief and dedication within the team. We want RSF to be a trainer and a motivator, giving your athletes the extra edge they need.



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