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Our group classes at RSF offer a well-designed program aimed at 3-6 training days a week. Each week is a complete program within itself. The focus is based on consistency to building strength, muscle mass, and help lose fat. Our split strength days ensure even muscle group targeting throughout the program.

We have 2 Strength days (RSF Lifters- Mon/Weds), 3 conditioning classes (including Circuit Saturday – Tues/Thurs/Sat), and 1 day combining both strength and conditioning (Lift-Con-Friday). We also have a Stronger with Age 55+ class tailored for individuals 55 and older, aiming to improve mobility, balance and strength.

Over the 14 years that RSF has been offering group classes, we have witnessed a plethora of workout styles come and go. "Group Classes" originated in the 70s-80s as aerobics - low intensity, high rep, no weights - and has since transformed into the opposite: high intensity and as much weight as possible, as fast as possible. our goal is to create the complete package.

The concept behind our program is that both approaches are necessary. While there is an importance for high intensity lifting and conditioning… Not all training sessions can or should be at 150% of your maximum ability. We also recognize the importance of lower intensity and aerobic capacity for overall health and training benefits.
Our goal is to create the complete package.

With our unique combination, we believe our program not only delivers the desired results but is also sustainable over the long term, minimizing overuse and acute injuries. The only requirement is that you fully COMMIT to the program. Inconsistently dropping in will cause inconsistent results.

Russel Sean Fitness age-55-plus-training-1 Stronger with Age 55+ Class

Stronger with Age 55+ Class

Are you eager to get stronger but uncertain about how to start? Russel Sean Fitness introduces the Stronger with Age 55+ class, exclusively designed for individuals aged 55 and older. Imagine navigating your day with minimal aches and pains, possessing more vitality to play with your grandkids or effortlessly climb stairs. Our certified and experienced trainers in this fitness class will offer one-on-one guidance in a small class setting, focusing on enhancing your mobility, balance, and strength through safe and effective exercises. Rediscover the freedom of moving without stiffness or discomfort, gain confidence in managing uneven surfaces with tailored balance exercises, and increase your strength using weights, allowing you to lift heavier items and handle daily tasks with greater ease.
Russel Sean Fitness Russel_sean_fitness_personal_training RSF Personal Training

RSF Personal Training

Personal training at RSF starts with an assessment. This is the moment for us to learn about you, your goals and abilities. The information we come across is vital because the next step is to design a training program designed specifically for you. A well thought out program is important but doesn't mean much without great execution. That's where our coaches come in. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you're moving well and meeting your milestones. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Abilities, injuries, functional nutrition and more all all taken into account. We cherish every opportunity we have to work with our clients, and we will always go the extra mile to help our clients get healthy and happy.
Russel Sean Fitness russel_sean_fitness_lifters Lifters


Lifter class is the corner stone to our entire program. It is designed into 2 split lift days. Each session, you'll work on different muscle groups. One session will focus on pushing and hinging movements, while the other session that week will focus on pulling and squatting movements. ** We recommend beginners start with one of these classes as they are slower paced and easier to modify on the fly if needed.
Russel Sean Fitness russel_sean_fitness_conditioning Conditioning


Our Conditioning classes combine both HIIT and Endurance styles of training to help you become more conditioned overall. The HIIT portion involves short, high-intensity intervals while the Endurance portion focuses on longer intervals at a lower intensity. We also include a weights and strength component with slightly lower weight and higher repetitions to build muscular endurance and tone for a well-rounded workout.
Russel Sean Fitness russel_sean_fitness_circuit_sunday Circuit Saturday

Circuit Saturday

'Circuit Saturdays' are the same format every week. 10 different stations, done at your own pace for the timed interval of 45 seconds. The classes are focused towards overall conditioning and are fast paced and a lot of fun!
Russel Sean Fitness russel_sean_fitness_power_hour Lift-Con


Lift-Con is a dynamic and varied class that combines lifting and conditioning. It includes three groups for lifting and a 9 minute group for conditioning. The conditioning portion offers challenges, intervals, or endurance training and can be done separately or integrated into one of the other groups. This class is designed to provide a challenging and diverse workout for building strength, endurance, and conditioning.
Russel Sean Fitness russel_sean_fitness_elite Open Gym

Open Gym

Come in and do your own thing, or follow the workout of the day on the board! Your workout must be complete by the end time of the Open-gym time slot.


We love and encourage members to bring their kids and have them in the kids lounge up or downstairs, but please remember to follow the rules so everyone can enjoy their gym experience:

  • No messy snacks
  • Clean up before you leave
  • Stay within the confines of the lounge and out of the gym area
  • No touching gym equipment
  • (If upstairs) Stay off the MMA mats unless supervised and without shoes
  • Try to keep interruptions to a minimum
  • Stay out of the spin room